Moaning about writing

It happens so often that we find a lull in our creative storm where things sit quietly and does not progress further. Awaiting for that glorious sparkle of excitement to ignite it.

I was pondering over the current situation where I have so many posts ideas scribbled on various places. Even within my university notes I have post headings written on the margins. Yet, I have hardly written a small number of posts.

Time was never a primary constrain in my book when it comes to blogging at least. I can post anything within 15 minutes, as my post tend to be a brief of elaborated thoughts  and I have many post thought out and waiting to materialize onto my laptop screen.

So, what was it that held me back. Is it the mood after I recently heard bad news?

Maybe my brain is congested with thoughts? As it usual is, when I try to solve all the problems of the world at once.

I recently opened a twitter account that still needs to be added to my blog. So while pondering I searched for some writing websites or blogs to follow, believing that I should get some inspiration or advice and open of the usernames I found was enough to knock some sense back into me.

It was just “Shut up and write”, which can take you out of the moaning phase into an action phase. This is an attitude I have to constantly remind myself of in other areas of my life. Just doing something is easier instantaneously than the process of thinking and moaning about it which seems to do more in enlarging and complicating the task than simplifying it.

I wonder how many times I will need to be reminded o this but or now it is action time :)

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