What are the options?

Recently I have been watching the quality of food that I consume or feed my children. This marks one of many changes I made in my diet, although the rules are not stressingly rigid. I don’t like to be controlled by food in either sense and do not want to slave myself to health but rather given the choice that I would opt for the healthy option.

 Health was always big in our house but as teens we had no real constrains. I only started drinking Pepsi after I got engaged, but then my daily dose kept on increasing. I tried to kick off the habit because I did not want my son ton drink it as he copies me. So I stopped buying it and tried to look for fuzzy alternatives. I went through a whole list of drinks and have reached a mix of different juices that would do the trick.

 My first choice would be, Ocean Spray’s Cangrape combine with Perrier and sometimes a small amount of lemon juice would add that extra refreshing taste. It feels healthier this way and I satisfy my sense of responsibility to setting the right example for my children to follow and take good care of their health.

How far we want our body to carry us should be worth the investment :)

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