25th Jan 2010
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Veggies in the meals

Part of a healthy diet is to incorporate vegetables in meals but instead of forcing yourself to eat salad that is not prepared to your taste and eating it just...

22nd Jan 2010
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Dont forget to drink..water

As obvious as it might seem, a lot of people will skip few glasses of the recommended daily intake if not forget to drink water all together. And yes it...

16th Jan 2010
No low fat

No low fat

Whenever I shop for food I automatically steer away from low fat or no fat items. No diet drinks or skimmed milk. The no added sugar is a big no...

02nd Jan 2010
What are the options?

What are the options?

Recently I have been watching the quality of food that I consume or feed my children. This marks one of many changes I made in my diet, although the rules are not...

22nd Dec 2009
How long does it take?

How long does it take?

Expectations are raised even higher in our fast moving technological world. Even when it comes to biological processes! One of the reoccurring trends that resurfaces every now and then is...