No low fat

Whenever I shop for food I automatically steer away from low fat or no fat items. No diet drinks or skimmed milk. The no added sugar is a big no no. The reason is not the taste but often the chemicals that are meant to replace the absence of fat or sugar. Where our body knows how to digest fat and sugar to simpler components, I am not so sure it can cope well with artificial chemicals. So from a precautionary point I prefer having less of full fat milk than having more of low fat one. This is not an invitation for opting to fatty food but I cannot feel comfortable eating something that is not naturally low in fat.

However, for someone who is seriously obese this might not be the best option because living with obesity is a problem that should be tackled as it can create more complications than the worry about the effect of certain chemicals. This brings me to the point that not all lifestyles or habits can be applicable to all people and it is important to know the difference and how things affects us as individuals. My food preference is something that I am happy to adopt and for others to decide if it is applicable to them.

Wishing everyone the best of health :)

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