A dream come true

Yesterday I had euphoric moment of realizing my dream. As a child I wanted to build an organization that promotes good work and helping others. My thoughts evolved over the years and for over a year took shape in Spread the Passion. I am blessed to have such wonderful volunteers to help it grow. I sat their watching them, last night at the UN house, their smiles like poetry and their laughs like songs. I was counting my blessings thank you  Eman Khalaf, Ahmad Saad, Hessa AlJeeran, AbdulAziz AlDhubbebi and the many more volunteers that helped make this happen.


UNDP wall 2

And our slogan printed on that t-shirt; “Make giving part of your living”

It is mispelled in Arabic but the message is clear

One Response to “A dream come true

  • You are part of my blessings that I count my dearest daughter. Iam so happy to see the purpose of living which is giving is being met. Love you

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