In the arms of an angel

Each day I have is packed with some ups and downs. From the last post I had many posts that I was composing in my head. One dealing with the house move I have to make, but none compelled me to write as much as this one.

Two days ago I felt I had the worst day ever. Things seem to pile on me and I felt I was sinking in misery of added stress. I looked up to the sky and asked God for assistance. Before going to sleep I asked God to allow me to achieve things through his blessings rather than my own doing. He knows what is in my heart and how I want to be his tool to make a difference.

I woke up early the next day and felt my thoughts were in a better order. I made my to do list for the day with few tasks seeming a bit ambitious for one day. Some of my volunteers called and sent messages to check on me which always makes me feel that we are connected as one family. Each task seemed to move well to the next and at one point I had to schedule for a painter to paint the new flat. I did not know where to find one and thought of asking to call the security of the building and ask if he knows anyone. While going through the list of recently dialed phone numbers to retrieve the security guard’s number I saw a contact called “painter”.

The phone originally belonged to my husband and I had no idea he had a contact number of a painter which was dialed few minutes before I began my search, while the phone was in my 2 year old son’s hand. I dialed it and the painter agreed to come over in the afternoon with colour sheets to select from.

I ended the call with a smile and felt that I experience a miracle. The rest of the tasks seemed to sort themselves and I was lucky to see some special friends that day who made me feel full of energy and supported. A very dear friend was helping me to go over few things and organize my thoughts. We all need that kind of friend. And Yesterday I felt blessed and I was repeating one chorus, “In the arms of an angel fly away”. These are not the actual words for the song but that is how I felt after talking to my friend. I was ready to fly to the highest mountain. Not climb but fly with ease.

Not all the words match how i feel and the song seems to be about submitting to death. However, I view death as a form of rebirth. So in the case of how i was feeling the past two days the song seems fitting. I felt at peace.

Thank you God and thank you Coach :)

I leave you with the song and I hope you appreciate the angels in your life.

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