Of worthy mention

Picture 40

My daily internet surfing routine involves the following;

1) checking my facebook for any comments or updates (in case someone thought of communicating something important there and forget that calling is still an option)

2) My emails (I have 5 I check daily and 2 occasionally)

3) Botamba.com, Botamba.com and did I say Botamba?! (I love it so much that I decided long time ago that any blog that is not there I will not even bother reading and so when I meet bloggers I always recommend that they add their blogs to it.

Of the many blogs listed there few that catch my attention like Ansam’s, ilsultana, his & her, exotic events and few others based on interesting posts with varying levels of quality, but there is one blog that I would not miss and has always been able to draw a smile on my face.

Kumail plus blog never failed to impress me. Although most posts are of pictures so I don’t actually need to visit the site and still enjoy it (which might underestimate the site visits). The posts are simple but well selected and after following the blog for awhile it is the first blog that I would recommend and think is worthy of mention.

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