My new finds

Picture 36After submitting my PhD upgrade report (which has kept me from blogging), I thought I deserved some time off from all the science and to wonder in London’s streets in search of a world that would host me, even if for few moments of thought, in a different creative realm.

I walked into a charity book shop and say few old books. I love old books not only because of their content but rather the stories they behold. Thoughts of a different time that reminds you that human struggle and thinking is the same. The people I imagine who must have held this book, read it and held an opinion about it. As if for one moment at a single glance at a single page we can all be connected in thought.

Well, I am no regular visitor to the literary world although I love literature, I have not invested as much time reading some of the creative work out there.Picture 37 My reading was limited to school books and occasional summer reads.

i had but few minutes of random picks and ended up wit a small pocket book that contains extracts from the works of Robert Louis Stevenson, whom I only got to know about through a google search, and a book of essays of Francis Bacon (who I also did not know previously about).

The jester here was chosen by my son from another store and I thought the juxtaposition of this colourful toy sitting on studious elements was harmonious to my being as I find great joy in reading those books, be it not from cover to cover, and I feel a smile is drawn on my face as I find contrasts and  similarities in thoughts with the authors.

The books are a bit dusty but that just adds to the magic.

I hope that I can write down some extracts or interesting phrases but that would be another project at another time in the future perhaps.

2 Responses to “My new finds

  • I didn’t know that reading and understanding Francis bacon was such a challenge ,,
    he writeth thee book in sach manner that make thee wonder if it ith english or something elthe LOOOL

  • Hehe I enjoy the challenge. I have another book I like that you can borrow sometime. It is interesting to see the different writing style and composition.

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