The marked return

Picture 39I often wonderwhat is it in the bloggers personality that triggers A) the guilt of missed posts and B) having to apologize for the absence. Is it the feel of commitment, the obligation? As if you are engaged in an open conversation and need to apologize for the silence?

Often as time elapses the style of writing changes as well to reflect new experiences. With a gradual transition it is hardly noticeable but when a period of almost two months separates post then it becomes more obvious. Nevertheless, it is always pleasant to write and free some congested thoughts that lay dormant in the back of my mind. Perhaps one too many or many a few but it is something I have to do :)

For now all I can say is, it is good to be blogging again

& I wonder why people announce a come back,

I end up doing the same :)

4 Responses to “The marked return

  • Welcome back!

    I think announcing a comeback is in response to the expectations your readers have developed, and their need for an explanation to make sense of their unmet expectations.

    There’s more to it than that, but that’s a major part of it.

    Now my comment is as long as your post… :P

  • Yeah but I also wonder how many times bloggers think about whether to post a come back or not. I was contemplating that for a while, which delayed my posts for no reason :)

  • yeah it is good to announce a come back ,,I kept coming to check if u have new posts because I don’t have anything better to do heheheh
    no ,,we just missed u :)
    I for one was wondering if you abandoned the blog!!

  • I was trying to focus on my studies but was thinking of posts all the time. I guess I could have done both but I was experimenting with how I would feel if I would leave blogging for a while turns out I write posts on paper and felt my brain was congested with thoughts. I recommend blogging a lot. It clears your mind :)

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