Could compromised vision be a blessing?

I get easily distracted and wonder off in thought at the slightest glance. My head has been pounding with ideas each time I walk around London.  Yet on days that I forget my glasses at home I get limited thought stimuli from the different ads or shop windows that I cannot see clearly. I end up residing with my existing thoughts for the journey. I wonder if sometimes compromised vision could count as a blessing. Definitely when it could cause you distraction of some important thoughts or could even prevent you from shopping for few cute things that you don’t need but happened to spot on the way :)

2 Responses to “Could compromised vision be a blessing?

  • I miss london :( the scenes & weather over there will get me daydreams all the time ;p

  • London is my second home but I miss Kuwait when I am there. I wish there was a door that would link the two so that it is easier to move between the two.

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