A new prospective

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I have to use my glasses in London, which I don’t like doing but if I want to see beyond a small distance then I would not be able without them. So at certain points I would lift them up and compare seeing with and without them. I feel like a child doing so but on another level I like reminding myself that without seeing clearly through the glasses I would have not known that my eyes were that bad. I could see normally but not clearly. And we need a clear vision in order to do all sorts of things but sometimes we don’t know what that is like until we experience clear vision and be at the point where we can compare both :)

2 Responses to “A new prospective

  • hehe like me ,,everytime i went to my aunt’s house I saw lilla *** on their neighbor’s house
    then after wearing my glasses I figured it is villa ***

    I didn’t even know y eye sight was bad that much!!

  • intelligent design; the eye (sarcastic) and the glasses (compliment).

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