One of my fave shows

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Whenever I hear news on politics, particularly British one, I remember one of my favorite comedy shows. “Yes, Minster” and its extended series “Yes, Prime minster” is by far one of the most clever show. It is a political satire that draws on a lot of political issues that can still gets you thinking on certain current affairs. It first aired in the 1980s but I only managed to watch it in 2005. The language is advanced and you have to be familiar with some political jargon but once you into it you will find it hard not to watch all the episodes you get hold of. A show that is both educational and funny always gets my vote :)

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  • it’s the bible for politicians. we should give a free copy for every parliment member. Also sign language should be compulsory as well as anger managment. They just dont talk well under stress.

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