Standing strong

Picture 13It might require a competitive spirit to aim high but to be still standing yet alone achieve anything is a different ball game.

This strength has a found a new name to exemplify it. Canadian skater, Joannie Rochette, moved the audience of cheering supporters with her strong and graceful will to still continue and skate, despite the recent loss of her mother.

A lot of people would have been sympathetic if she chose to quit yet such word did not relate to her. This tragedy did not deter her if not push her further to reach new limits. A strong person like her does not seek sympathy but rather recognition and celebration. It is people like her who inspire others to go on and reach new heights with pure determination.

Whatever the score Joannie you already won many battles and inspired many minds. You have captivated an audience and won many hearts. You make your mama proud.

One Response to “Standing strong

  • Really Really admire her courage. everybody in the room had teary eyes,
    Well done , i hope she goes and win gold on thurdsday

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