We can always make things better

Few days later and I am still in the Avatar mood. The story was very similar to many other ones, in principle, but add some fine detail and super graphics and it becomes a very enjoyable experience. That same plot of “The chosen one”, who saves a nation and leads its people.

Yet this seems to be a real phenomenon, if that’s the right word to use, in the sense that throughout history there were men (and women of course) who grew up unknowing that they would play key roles that would change history.

For instance, certain people who suddenly come together whether as allies or enemies and were involved in historical events such as the Great war. I don’t think everyone of them, grow up knowing that day would come, but somehow each would play a specific role that would be part of a story that is told for many years to come and be a case study for human behaviour.

I remember the Invasion of Kuwait in 1990. When I noticed that certain traits were more apparent in people than any other time. At a point of survival you would see people acting differently, I was a child then but was interested in observing the different reactions of those around us. From those who were willing to help and felt the love for Kuwait opposed to those who used this time to channel their hatred.

Gladly those days are over and Kuwait will witness another liberation and independence days, but I wonder if in times of leisure as well as hardship that we can all get together and make things better still. To improve the quality of life, excel in many fields, and to put Kuwait on the map. A role that I would be very happy to play and see others be involved in.

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