Independence day

Yesterday, on the way back home. We got caught in the traffic with all the foam spraying happening around us. It was the first time for my son to witness such an event and he was very confused. He was asking why the bad guys were spraying us and felt very raged by the nonsense that he was suggesting to go fist fighting after them. Now this is my 5 year old son’s solution. I told him that this was not the way to deal with such matters. He felt very comforted by the presence of the police and was trying to point towards the direction of the boys who were spraying us so the police could catch them. And horribly some boys were trying to open the doors of cars. It felt like an invasion rather than a celebration of independence.

The thing is I wanted to condemn such actions but also saw many women and adults joining what hey viewed as a fun event and was thinking that maybe some people actually need to vent out such energy every once in a while. However, instead of it taking to the road and having people get caught in the middle or causing some accidents, it will be better to have such an event on the beach or a theme park with a specific code of play. Perhaps this can run as an event several times a year and we could have another way to celebrate independence day.

Just a thought

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