Just the words I needed

Few months ago, before I started blogging. I was face with some personal challenges. I am always told that I work too much and that I am handling too many melons (I like to think of them as grapes).  It is hard for me to understand why someone can judge my life style and this resonates in my many posts. I was not made to just sit down. This is me an active person who loves to do everything and learns everything. I have many degrees and ambitions to study more. Why limit my ability when I feel I can still learn? Why slow down?

I received a phone call while I was working hard n the laboratory about some family members who were speaking negatively about me. Not that I was doing something negative but in their opinion I should be spending time at home rather than aim to achieve more. After the phone call I walked off to a near by lavatory to allow my tears to free fall. I cried with muffled shouts of injustice. Then upon returning to the lab and as I was getting some samples out of the fridge I happened to notice a poem that I have once read and loved so much. It was “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Just the words I needed to give me strength.

I wanted to blog about this but was overwhelmed by the feeling that I could not quite put them in words. I found one who did it better and would like to share his words as they resonate with me as well. Here is the link to the “poem to live by“.

4 Responses to “Just the words I needed

  • keep it the way you like ! it’s good to be active and they are jealous! it’s the 1st time i hear about some one doing the right thing and let others makes him cry ! Why !? why did u cry? just let the one who called u sit at home and die !

  • The person who phoned was not the one who was attacking me just reporting to me. I felt overwhelmed that day and usually when I feel like talking back and saying something, I end up crying because I don’t like to hurt people (even if they hurt me and I know that I am right) and this is my way to vent out emotions :) but hey this is life and your strength shows when you get up again and continue.

  • laughing makes your stomach clench on which you burn calories thus you losing weight. Crying doesnt, unless you roll on the floor from crying.
    If that is the case i would like to to introduce a new cyber abbreviation called ROFC “rolling on the floor from cyring”

  • 7abeebti I don’t like to see you crying ,,I wish you all the happiness in the world ,,if your life style is making you and your family happy ,,No one has the right to say anything,,allah yewafgich

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