A coincidental fact

I love all my brothers to the same degree but perhaps in different ways that reflects their individual personality and how we both relate. One of whom I share a great deal of discussions regarding various ideas that I could be having or wanting to write about. I am three years his senior yet sometimes the difference in age is interchangeable with our mental knowledge based on the different things we read or come across. We are so very different yet shockingly the same. We don’t share things in common yet sometimes feel so surprised when we realize that we have been doing the same thing and randomly had the same thought.

For instance, when I was discussing a blog I posted (who is the fairest?) he was saying that he had an idea about a blog title “Mirror mirror on the wall”. Sometimes I would say something and he would quickly reply that he was thinking of something very similar. I believe that when you know someone very well that you would be able to predict them, but with my brother we seem to have crossing thoughts which makes me often wonder. Sometimes I joke with him and tell him to get out of my thoughts but perhaps I have some of his. We share so many similar experiences that naturally could stimulate certain thoughts. We could have the same type of thinking style though we still have different opinion on many issues.

I wonder if we influenced each other in our style of thinking that on certain matters we would think in the same process. We had many years of discussions and sometimes through friendship you tend to share an emotional experience of life’s events. This whole issue of influence have long fascinated me. What we pick up from people around us necessitates that we should select our company. We can expect good things to happen from being in good company even if the gain is a mere thought that resonates into your mind. If I can choose my family like I choose my friends I would choose him :) Thank you God for all my brothers. Each special in his way.

3 Responses to “A coincidental fact

  • Allah eykhalekom 7ag ba3ath inshallah

  • i unequally like all my brothers and sisters. Sometimes i feel there is a single mum trapped inside of me.

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