A skating lesson with Laura

LauraMy husband told me that he wanted to take our, 5 year old, son ice skating. So I thought the sensible thing to do to add my contribution was to brief him on the sport.

So, I look up ice skating on youtube and I clicked on the first introduction link I could find. I was watching with my son the whole video making comments on the movements and telling him to carefully observe how his body should be in motion.

At the end of the video my son asked me to play it again and to my pride I said, “You like skating my love. It will be very fun. I hope this video teaches you well.”

In excitement I went on asking him if you wanted to watch other videos and then reply to get an idea about other moves. However, his honest reply followed,

“Mum I want to watch this video again because the girl is pretty.”

I guess boys will be boys.

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