In the name of sharing

Picture 38I am not sure if it is a practicality issue or some childhood association from diary covers that made me always want a pocket watch. So on one of my London walks I spotted a necklace watch so I decided to buy one instead and my 5 year old son also wanted one so, as always, I wanted to promote the notion of sharing and told him to pick the design and colour that suites both of us and we would agree which days we would wear it. We bought the one above and since he was going off for a camping trip for the weekend, we agreed that his turn to wear it would be after he comes back.

I was happily wearing it through out the weekend glancing at it each every once in a while regardless of whether I wanted to know the time or not. Afterward, my son came back and as agreed I handed him the necklace to wear. He was ecstatic and kept on opening and closing it. He went out with his father while I sat at home working and later he came and apologized as he told me that he broke the opening button.

I appreciated his honesty and sincere apology and thought to myself that somethings are worth sharing with the right people only and this example was one I would use to explain to him why I can’t share everything I have with him. Although I can already anticipate some of his counter arguments especially since sharing is a big practice in our house and I am eagerly promoting it so he can do the same with his younger brother. Nevertheless, it is important to learn few other rules that go together with the concept of sharing. So we set up some rules

1) Not all things can be shared

2) We must take care of things we share

3) to value and respect the privilege of sharing

Not all things must be sacrificed in the name of sharing :)

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