Raised a teacher

The pirate

The pirate puppet by Melissa & Doug

My elder son loves puppets, acting, and shows. Now that he is off school for the Christmas holiday I have been thinking that this is his opportunity to improve on his skills. So, yesterday, as I was trying hard to do some studying, with him hovering around for attention. I told him to put on a show for his baby brother.

So as asked he went to fetch one of his puppets. I quite enjoy to see his creativity and his on the spot scripting. The pirate obviously had to introduce himself and ask for a response to all of his questions (I had to pretend that my young baby can talk as I voiced over). We spoke in English throughout the show because he claimed that the pirate did not understand any other language.

Then he went on to explain the hook and the eye patch. He said, “I don’t have a hand because I had an accident and lost it and I have a patch because I was playing with the fork and then I hurt my eye.”

“I didn’t listen to my mother but now I know that she knows everything and that you should listen as well”

I smiled throughout his words and hoped that my elder boy will always be able to teach his little brother.

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