A prayer for my friend

In preparation for the new year I decided to give away some of my old things. Reasoning that someone might make better use of them. Also, since I did not use them all this time, then most likely I will not any time soon. So during my careful screening process I stumbled upon some old letters and birthday cards that i have kept over the years. Having lived away from my friends and relatives, I was keeping in touch by means of letters, cards and even fax.

I saw old fax paper with most of its content faded, and bearing information that I have almost forgotten. I was looking at the different events they covered and the different senders. Some letters were for a simple hello others were more detailed. They took me back in time and I remembered my feelings then and the different people who I came across. I went on facebook to look for lost friends and I went through the different pieces of paper trying to look up different names. I was guessing if they would be using the internet yet alone facebook. Some with surnames I struggled to remember and others I found in old cards. Old teachers, class mates and friends.

I kept on reflecting and as I went back through the faces I once knew. Their young thoughts, words and dreams. I wondered what had become of all of these people. I came across one person who I lost so early. My special friend was killed at age 22. As I looked at the letters she has written, I felt her beautiful voice and I remembered her strong opinions values and beliefs. I cherished these letters that served as a reminder of how she impacted my life. I wish I had more tokens of her existence. And as I packed these letters I sent a prayer to my friend, may she rest in piece.

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