Morning glory

I opened my eyes and checked whether I stopped the alarm on my mobile or pressed snooze. Confirming that it was the latter I returned to sleep and kept to this pattern until another 4 or 5 repeats. “I slept late,” I reasoned, “or perhaps I am aiming to wake up too early and achieve too much.” I continued, “anyhow I deserve more sleep” I buried my face in the pillow.

“Could it be that I am avoiding the list of things I have to do or that I have lost my motivation all of a sudden?” It is this thought that made me jump up and get ready for the day. I knew that if I continued there and then I would waste another hour or so just pondering in more thoughts of the reasons for waking. I never understood the process fully but I know that slumber can stretch into laziness and vegetation especially if it was the weekend and with no boss or other responsibilities to attend to, I would be snoozing all day. Activity leads to more activity and I had to just push that start button to begin.

I am a postgraduate student so I should be at liberty to schedule my own priorities and divide my time. However there is something about morning glory that cannot be gained in any other time. The early hours where thoughts are born anew. With no predetermination of their nature or of any prerequisites. Where your head is unclouded by the thoughts of others, no buzzing of various information or news. Just you welcoming the day to embrace whatever challenges you may face with a fresh star, a revitalized strength and a renewed spirit. To start a day and make it another one of your own. To hold and remember. I woke up to more dreams to realize, more projects to accomplish and more moments to capture :)

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