blogging is just like going to the gym!

I have missed few posts but it was for a good reason (I have been working on a report) but it really felt like I skipped going to the gym. In the sense that once you miss one session you can easily miss another few. The solution is then to force yourself back so that it does not drag for a long time. To commit to a ritual and make it a habit you need to stay in track and try to get back soon after swaying otherwise you would be heading to a totally different direction.

This made me think of a related aspect of human behavior, which is the perception of daily habits and life styles. I hear a lot of people who say that they are into their health when they only have been to the gym for two weeks few years back. It is a different thing when someone exercises regularly than some one who exercised for a short period in his/her life. It is like me attempting painting and then saying that I am a painter (which is not the case). If I had few complete paintings done then maybe I could make such claim but even though I would say that I used to be a painter. This is true of photography in my case. I don’t regard it as a hobby as of now even though I was very serious about it and entered exhibitions and sold few prints.

I do get irritated sometimes when someone claims to be something that they attempted for a while. I prefer specific details of the level e.g beginner or expert. This is not limited to the world of bragging as it might be linked to recommendations. For instance when you know someone is an expert in something you can seek their expertise rather than be disappointed by an over inflated claim.

By analogy, someone can claim to be a blogger after a string of posts otherwise if it is limited to less than ten then he/she can claim that they tried blogging. So to continue being a blogger. I must continue posting :)

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