The pitfalls of the karma belief

This is not meant to be a debate about beliefs. I usually refer to the belief of bad Karma as a short cut to tell my son why he should not attempt certain things. Usually it works. For instance, when I tell him don’t annoy your brother or you will be annoyed. He would consider my illogical statement as a possible truth when his toys break up.

A big one is that you have to always listen to your mother and never upset her :)

I personally don’t think about bad karma as reason to not do something and rather base my decisions on moral grounds. It is bad enough if I were to be immoral even if I was given the treasures of the Earth.

However, to get the child to really appreciate morality is another advanced level that even some adults don’t seem to have reached. So the Karma model was working fine, until!

Well, we saw a disabled child. Then my son asked me what did he do wrong to me as such. He then was giving me different scenarios to try to make sense of his find. My son is very good at keeping record of what his father and I say, even if he seemed in another world at the time. His main purpose is to repeat our words against us.

So he went on asking, “Did this boy not listen to his mother. Or if he really evil so he is like that. Or did heĀ  not go to school”

I did not want my son to be judgmental and instead directed his main thought into being thankful for being in the best of health and added that not everyone is fortunate and we should help people who are less advantaged because this is the mission for the people who want to be good.

And now I know that for my second son I will not emphasize on the idea of karma and try to find another thing to tell him. For I would never want to raise someone who judges others. If we were to raise the future generation these are all notions that we have to consider to build a character that will help our children interact well with others and making the future a better place.

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