Kharbootah language

It took my elder son some time to pronounce things well but he has a big vocabulary. He loves talking and so he would find ways to communicate his ideas to the extent that sometimes he would say a word and then define it. He would say that it is his word in his kharbootah (messy) language.

One of the words he uses is “Jai ho” – which is Hindi for may you be victorious or you are my destiny.

In his language, he said it means I don’t love you and would not give you a flower, while “jai ha” means the exact opposite. His words are usually descriptive and translate to sentences. They might be inspired by other accents or languages but usually they sound very valid and as long as he defines them we would know what he means.

He always wants to venture and create his way of doing things. That is why I think he will make a fine linguist among other things :)

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