A refreshing break

Some thoughts tend to lead onto a trail of other thoughts, into more words and expanding worlds. Where clouds are fluffy and bouncy, and you stretch your body as your mind unwinds. Blowing gently like the seedlings of a dandelion being carried by an uplifting wind. Sailing across a meadow of serene green and smoothly gliding, like a piece of fluff, across the warmth of diffused sun rays, that are woven with the blue sky. Relaxing moments like this; the gentle swings on a hammock to the sound of water drops sprinkling the lavender buds, as their perfume is transported to envelope the air with blissful wishes that refresh your mind and senses. You breath in all the joy that a new day brings you.

Thoughts like this brief and simple are ones that I repeat whenever I feel the need for a break. We might be bound by a physical location sometimes but our mind is free to wonder :)

One Response to “A refreshing break

  • This is so beautifully written. I went through all your previous posts and I loved most of them. The one that really moved me was the the post about my mum (God keeps her in his mercy). Keep it up with the blog my beloved daughter.
    love you dearly.

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