Decorated wooden bells (edited using photoshop)

Decorated wooden bells (edited using photoshop)

On my last visit to Bahrain, I found some very special items, among those were beautifully coloured wooden bells (pictured left but there are strings which I edited out). I felt the decoration and the combination colours were so breath taking that I suddenly was very inspired to paint.

I was thinking of how many to get and who to give them to and having arrived back I feel that I should have bought more. I think I will in my next trip. I think they are a simple reminder to let people feel remembered as well as a beautiful “forget me not” kind of gift.

Then I thought about the different uses of the bells such as getting attention, setting an alarm, communicating, sounding celebrations and to ward off evil. A bell says, “I am here and I have something of importance for others to hear” in a resonating sound.

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