Are people still into that?

There might be different trends and fads that occupy the scene with certain habits surfacing for the sake of fashion rather than the joy involved. Yet, it is hard sometimes to know what people are into if you never developed an interest in the trend in question or if you were of a different age group or target for the fad.

This is true of many different feelings we encounter in our life and this misunderstanding seems to be a core issue in the generation gap.

An older person might not see the fascination in something not because that person never developed such interest but rather based on the current interests. For instance someone might see no reason for a teenage girl to be obsessed with the internet yet at some point that same person might have been obsessing over some other technology or listening to music on a walkman. And that person would totally forget how they felt being told that it was such a waste of time. Truth is a younger person can never fully know what something they never been through really feels like. However someone older might have been through the situation and would know the feelings attached. Our elders might be able to offer a certain conclusion but if they do not acknowledge certain feelings and the conclusion that is based on certain situation and wishes then there words would not be well received.

This feeling always worried me. I try to stay tuned my thoughts with my children. I try to respond to his wishes and only object or offer my opinion from a moral standpoint. On many occasions he would ask me if I like a certain game or food and I would ask him the same and say that it is ok if he liked something I don’t like as long as it is not something bad or wrong. So far I can manage to try and handle these small issues but I hope I can see his point of view in his teenage years and assist him to find his way. I hope I would not dismiss things he likes just because I am not into them.

2 Responses to “Are people still into that?

  • it seems from the way you think, you will never dismiss things that your child likes just because you are not into them , Good 2 see women treating and thinking of their child in that way , Allah eykhalekom 7ag ba3ath and keep it up.

  • Thanks. I really appreciate your comments :)

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