Can you translate this?

It is common to say something and be asked to translate it, but to the same language!! This could be in reference to work of an earlier period or of that which is of a certain profession or level of specialization. I wonder if intra-language translation should be the common reference but it also seems to tap into our expectation of the ease or the method at which information should be delivered. With explanations even under the blatant titles of dummy or idiots guide books going down to the most basic levels, we often find that people would not invest time to untangle or understand an obscure sentence.

This could be partly due to the high speed of life and the expectations we have. I wondered if this was the case that things are made simpler and hence we are used to this convention that we can no longer understand words or concepts that are more complex. Was the case with people in the past that the leaned elite were the only privileged ones to read and with that came certain standards.

It is worthy to note that most in this day and age more people speak English as a second language than ever before. And though it should be normal to state that we require further explanation or elaboration, the matter is such that with professional jargon the words feel more obscure. And so a natural reaction would be to ask for a translation.

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