Early alarm

Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of an alarm. I was not sure of the source, as I have only been in Bahrain for only two days, but change of environment got me even more worried. Half asleep, my mind was listing the possibilities; the elevator, an alarm clock I don’t know about, the oven timer, or a fire.

Preferring to continue sleeping, I quickly had a look around the flat. Checked our floor then opened the window to see if I can smell something from outside. I felt I did and so I rushed the children down to the lobby through the fire exit. The whole building was quiet and all the cars were still in their parking spaces. I looked at the receptionist and asked if he could smell a fire. He said there was an incident on the first floor, “Someone burnt something while cooking and now it is sorted.”

“Ok so I was not imagining.” I reassured myself, “but did I overdue the whole evacuation scene?”

It seemed that I was the only one alarmed enough to make a move. Four floors up and I still felt I smelt something. I was not sure who occupied the building and was left wondering whether this was due to basic maternal instinct or just the early alarm that got me to worry this much. Or is it simply just me?

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  • worrier mommy syndrome,,I suffered that too when my children were as young as yours ,,now i can sleep through a bulldozer sound ,, :P

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