New year celebration

We all look forward to special events that would mark the pinnacle of our success or plan of achievements. The new year is no different, if not one of the most important events. Personally, I have more occasions to reflect on my life than just the new year. I plan projects on monthly basis and the year still seems to start with the academic year (maybe because I am still a student and spent most of my life studying).

At a younger age I would insist that my husband and I would be spending time together for the count down. But after so many count downs it seems redundant especially that our anniversary, which is our special occasion, is on the 28th Dec. It feems more fitting for our relationship to focus on the latter date.

However, one of the things that makes new year’s eve special is the unity in hope. That at many parts of the world there are wishes of a better future. As we learn more and more about each other and be able to relate to one another on a more common ground there seems to be a resonating hopes of peace and optimism for new and better pages in history. Moreover, these hopes should not only be bound to the space and time of the celebration but rather be vibrant throughout the year.

Happy new year :)

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  • Happy anniversary and happy new year to you and your family :*

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