A new beginning

My husband holds the view that each day should signal a new beginning. I was reluctant at first to accept his view as more than a metaphor to be jolly and positive. Yet the more I think of this I wonder why can’t we treat every day as a new beginning for something beautiful. It does not have to be something of a grand scale or out of our way. It can simply be adding another dimension to our daily chores. To learn something new, explore more and live our dreams. Thinking that there is a new moment born every minute, surely, seems more motivating to turn time into something useful, rather than just chasing time and watching days go by. A new beginning can be now for a new plan, Sunday for a new recipe to try or even tonight to read a new book. What ever it might be! I wish you all a happy life full of many happy new beginnings.


5 Responses to “A new beginning

  • nice beginning :) ..I like the layout of ur blog like a letter ,,so personal..

  • Couldn’t be said better.. I shall copy this post of yours and hang it on my wall.. to remind myself every morning, of a beautiful begining..

  • .. and your husband sounds like a wise man.. ;-)

  • Merci both :) Glad you liked it.

  • I wish you many beautiful beginnings :) This is an inspiring post.

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