Longer months

As I was trying to write posts and schedule them for the coming days I made the error of writing 32nd of Dec. Obviously a typo like this was quickly picked up as soon as I typed it. This initiated the “what if?” thought. What if days were packed with more hours and months with more days, would we be achieving any more.

I always wished to have more time to achieve more and more. I have so many ideas that i want to see happening, even by someone else :) But the longer the time stretches or a deadline is extended the amount of work put in does not always increase. For example when we used to get our assignments at university, a two weeks or two months deadline might trigger different response from the crowd but when it comes to actually doing the work it might be that we are all bound to start it a week before the deadline. Extra time might give way for slack time, especially for things that require few working hours.

There are several things that can be achieved in the nick of time such as the many world records sporting champions trophy. Time factor is a big part of the challenge and what cannot be achieved within a time frame might still lag behind not necessarily due to the requirement of more time but the need to manage time better.

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