Some quality relax time

I was very very stressed about a paper I was writing. Certainly having my older son hovering in the background and making demands for attention, did not help at all.

I got caught up in a very stressful cycle and decided it was time to relax a bit so that I can be more productive. As I was trying to set up a bath my son was asking for some attention. I thought for a moment that my son always becomes hyperactive when I am busy he is still a responsibility under my care.

So I decided to give him a relaxing bath. I told him that this one is different than playing in the bath. He has to be quiet and calm. We had a brief chat and I explained to him that it is important that we have some quiet time so that we can focus better. I felt much calmer then and the usually arguments we were having lately seemed like a faded memory.

He soon got enough of peace and quiet (as all children do). But, that half hour of calmness was a re-energizing break :)

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