To blog or not to blog?

One of the main points of my blog is to keep to the habit of writing and meeting deadlines. Added to this I set myself the challenge of posting at 7am and 7pm on daily basis. Sometimes I would write my posts in advance, while on other occasions I would start writing within one hour of posting. Now at 20 minutes to seven am still composing my post at the passenger seat of a moving car and wondering if I should even bother. “To blog or not to blog?” Is the only question that comes to mind, and since I am the type that does not back down easily from a challenge I would obviously choose the former. I will keep it simple with the notion that I would like to always be trying my best until the end and there is no giving up for me, maybe a creative alternative but definitely no quits J 10 min and now I need to connect and post. Not leaving anything to chance. Then I can have more time to write the other post for this week.

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