Teddy B moment

Teddy BYes, I caught the bear chilling on Sunday at the CBA open day. Teddy.B is a social experiments that explores different facets of daily life and you can follow his daily go about on www.yearofteddy.com

I thought that the idea is brilliant and I might not agree with recent events :( but nevertheless the whole thing is pure genius and the creativity involved is one that we come across every so often. I have to give a big Hi5 for the creative team behind the blog and who ever helped to make this possible.

The whole idea is meant to be for a good cause as Teddy B will be auctioned off at the end of the project. The pictures are very well thought of and I hope there will be a book out at the end :) A big cheer to Teddy B and the people behind him as he is over a third of the way on his journey. I highly recommend that you check out his blog.

2 Responses to “Teddy B moment

  • Whoa I like your blog design it’s super cool! Thank you for your kind words and support! it was a pleasure meeting you and my my I do look good in that photo ;) Yea, the recent posts are a bit wild but it’s all part of the mini series and my naughty side. There’s always good and bad in everybody :) keep up the work! And hope to meet again soon.

  • Thanks Teddy B pleasure all mine and hopefully many more events to come :)

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