12th Aug 2011

Thank you Viva for the Ghabga and gifts :)

I was invited to Viva’s Ghabga last night at Marina hotel. It was my first time to attend a bloggers gathering and it was very kind of them to give...

17th Dec 2010
A community project needs community effort

A community project needs community effort

Lots of people feel the frustration of wanting to know about an event before it happens as they feel they can contribute and add a special touch for a more...

28th Nov 2010
Picture 18

Blood brothers in Kuwait

Saw it in London many years ago and loved it so much. British international productions are usually very good. I look forward to seeing this one

14th Aug 2010
Book your seat now

Book your seat now

I have seen parts of the rehearsals and am very excited to take my children. There is a 50% discount offer until 22nd Aug 2010 so book now to take...

17th Feb 2010
Spread the Passion Campaign

Spread the Passion Campaign

An initiative by Candlelight to Spread the Passion.It is a membership scheme where by members are given special offers from different companies that have special products and services through special...

09th Feb 2010
Picture 16

A great offer

With so many Valentine gift options around the first thought is, “would my partner like that?” But why limit the spirit of giving? Self treats are as important and you...

04th Jan 2010
My son enjoying himself :)

The CBA open day

The CBA open day was the perfect end to the holiday. The weather was perfect and the children had a great time. Special thanks to the organizers, including Pink Coffee...

04th Jan 2010
Teddy B

Teddy B moment

Yes, I caught the bear chilling on Sunday at the CBA open day. Teddy.B is a social experiments that explores different facets of daily life and you can follow his...

21st Dec 2009
Postcards of Art

A Private Art Exhibition

It was Thuraya AlBaqsami’s 55th exhibition. I have heard a lot about the artist, as she is well renowned in Kuwait. I finally got the chance to see her work...

21st Dec 2009
Picture 17

A business conference

Yesterday, as I checked my messages, I found one from a facebook group I recently joined (Yalla shabab). It was an invitation to attend a business conference for small businesses,...