Blood brothers in Kuwait

Picture 18Saw it in London many years ago and loved it so much. British international productions are usually very good. I look forward to seeing this one :)

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  • i just finished reading your entire blog. and it is safe to think we have alot of similarities.
    there are so many interesting posts here, but i can also describing them as smart, chaotic, spontaneous, and ones are very dear and exciting to me personally, i’ll give you examples

    1. your post about the objective you share with your husband, that is so inspiring and direct…
    2. yes minister, yes prime minister, as always the british rule in smart comedy.
    3. your observations on your kids milestones and learning abilities, i love to do the same with my kids (girl 2.7, boy 10 months)
    4. thirst for knowledge… i am listed under this as well.. but i find myself always on the run and finding new stuff to learn and getting bored easily after i suck out all the knowledge from one particular area.

    any way, love your blog.

  • aaah Thank you. You are very kind. I also notice the chaotic nature of my blog and I used to decide not to blog because my mood would not produce a consistent style of writing but then I gave in as I can be a random creature who likes to try different things.
    With so many likes and interests and a loadful of tasks on my hand every passing moment I encounter something different and a new chalenge that I can log in my memory to recount later.
    Thanks a lot for passig by and your comment is very special and refreshing break in a hectic day being spent in the lab.

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