My son turned 6

Picture 2My eldest son turned 6 years two days ago. The years went by so quickly and I feel I did not capture all the moments that passed by as much as I wanted. This is a reminder that time does not wait for you to spare a moment :)

I know that this year will be a challenge as I was eager to teach my son so many different things and I have to take into account his mood and interests that could restrict my ambitious plans. It helps that he can read by now :)

Yet how much should one expect from a 6 years old?

“He is still a child” I remind myself constantly. Just because he can talk back and express his feelings it does not mean he can cope with situations like an adult. Even adults don’t seem to cope or even understand their potentials.

So, my dear son, my pride, I promise you more patience this year as we embark on a new year of learning. I teach you few things from my view to learn from your view.

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