A community project needs community effort

Lots of people feel the frustration of wanting to know about an event before it happens as they feel they can contribute and add a special touch for a more memorable event.

Now, here is an announcement for such an event that is in support of a community project. Bayt Abdullah hospice is a children’s hospital for the terminally ill to spend recreational time with specialist care. Having a child with illness could be very restrictive for the whole family and in a place where the family could be supported to cope well with a professional staff and enjoyable surroundings is a dream that is coming true.┬áIt is a project for the community and needs the community to support it.

The dicovery mall together with Afaq united and Spread the Passion team are organizing a charity bazaar at Discovery mall from 22nd to 27th Dec in support of Bayt Abdullah. Anyone interested in joining can register at Discovery mall from 5-9pm (started yesterday ) or email info@spreadthepassion.org or call 99955897

Together we make dreams come true

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