A Private Art Exhibition

Postcards of Art

Postcards of Art

It was Thuraya AlBaqsami’s 55th exhibition. I have heard a lot about the artist, as she is well renowned in Kuwait. I finally got the chance to see her work and have few words with her. A very inspiring and humble being who transported me with few words into a world of her own. Magically traveling through space and time into her past and travels. “I painted this in Germany.” She explained, with passion synonymous to her name.

I was escorted across her painting to a world I have never knew and ended up buying few postcards, as I did not know where to hang her artwork. I wanted to own more than one and the one that caught my attention the most was already sold.

As I left she told me she was proud of her work and I replied that I think, “your life itself is an art work.” A personality to admire for many reasons too many to mention.

Her exhibition runs until Thursday 24th Dec 2009 and you can find out more about the artist and the Ghadir Gallery by clicking on this link http://www.ghadirgallerykuwait.com/mainartist.htm

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