Blessed search engines

I have always been interested in new words and slang. Even though I am not a linguist, I tend to enjoy wondering about the origin of words.

One of the famous words to be added this century is Google. The most common use of it perhaps is in the form of a verb as someone might recommend that you “google it.” Yes, there is nothing that cannot be googled, with no guarantees of the results of course. You can even try googling your thoughts and you will be faced with the realization that others thought the same thing and even posted it before you.

This highlights the importance of the role that search engines play in our lives. Performing any search allows us to compare and contrast different thoughts on many subjects. If you search any topic you would suddenly find a plethora of countless thoughts and opinions that can be unique sometimes or very generic.

Treasure hunting in antique sales is tempting for spending time out but you can equally get a thrill when stumbling upon a page that has a unique thought, word or opinion. The world rests at your finger tips with quick access to any news and information you are in need of.

There are people born in this technological bliss and might take this for granted, but for me it has made a world of difference and I am ever so thankful to be living in an age where blessed search engines are at our disposal.

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