A helping hand

Nintendo DS game

Nintendo DS game

My mother gave my son a Nintendo DS game and perhaps it is one of the few things that he can do calmly without having to jump around. It has kept him occupied while I work on my laptop and make notes for my PhD.

But as I reach a point where my thoughts brew to the ideas I want to include, he would suddenly jump and ask me to play a level. i told him the whole point was that he should be achieving things on his own merit and if he cannot play the game then maybe he is too young for them otherwise he needs to work harder to prove that he is capable.

He quickly argued that we can win the game together. That he is asking for help and I should be kind and help him as we make an alliance to defeat the different monsters that lurk within the game. He was using my logic against me and I often fall for his convincing arguments as he quotes my words and I am faced to accept things in shame and comply to his demands. So that is why you might find me playing a DS game.

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