Our connectivity

Just when your key unlocks the door,

every moment after I know some more.

You speak in no ordinary way,

so I know how you spent the day.

Your steps and your standard pace,

Your voice and the look on your face.

These all provide me with clues

A sense that I can never lose.

If you stand still for a little while,

or approach me with a sudden smile.

I could even tell what you had for lunch,

and that will not be based on a little hunch.

For since our life together begun,

I have been feeling we are one.

And so with no effort of mine.

I will even know where you will dine.

After knowing a person so closely (establishing the connection) your brain (receiver) would automatically decode their actions (sent signals) and so it is by no stretch of imagination or super intuition that you would get clues of what mood they are in or if something had bothered them. And if you known their daily routine, you would be able to guess or expect certain things to have happened a certain way. When someone you hold dear approaches you with a glow in their eye, you could tell they had good news to tell.

As hard as you may try to hide your feelings your beloved or dear friend would sense them and sometimes it triggers certain actions on their part even to the extent of provoking you to speak. We our creatures that communicate with our senses and not only words. Even mothers can sense their child’s wellness in a similar way. Mothers can sense guilt, animals smell fear, etc. We connect on another plane and can send visual images (and even feelings) not only via bluetooth. So in the event of a viral attack, warn those around you. Because you can not always know what you are sending to someone else’s device :)

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