Slowing down to the speed of others

I have been told on many occasions that I should not be as active as I am. That I am bound to break down at some point. Also, each time I list the things I do, I feel faces droop and some people around me start to feel tired. I don’t personally understand why people expect you to live at their own speed. Ok I admit being a workaholic and slightly more active than the average person but this is the speed at which I feel comfortable. I have long identified the stress factors in my life and have uprooted some of these, such as not driving in Kuwait :) , in order to achieve balance and harmony in my life.

We are all different and to expect that we can all live, learn and communicate in an identical manner is slightly missing the point. Besides, “variety is the spice of life” and life thrives on variation. Other than the obvious biological differences, behavioral ones are very important to our social interaction. If all people were born leaders then who would they lead and who would follow? If all were artists, if all were engineers, and so on.

If we were to perform all the different psychometric testings on people, no two would be identical in all aspects. Grouping people in categories is merely to ease the process of looking at certain traits and by no means would it deem individuals clones of one personality. But what I recently learned is that, when you decide to pick up your speed make sure you are in the correct lane to avoid crashing into someone slower.

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  • “But what I recently learned is that, when you decide to pick up your speed make sure you are in the correct lane to avoid crashing into someone slower”.
    .. with this I assure you, you know how to drive in Kuwait.. You are ready to stir the wheel..
    You are doing the right thing girl.. keep it up.. and yeah! stay away from the slow Mass.. almothabbe6eeen..

  • Thanks Noon. I still not see driving in my near future. I prefer the company of my thoughts too much than focus on the road :)

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