Pride and Joy

I have two sons and as I observe them, unique in their way, I would only be able to describe them as my pride and joy.






I chose the names Pride and Joy,

to describe how I feel about each boy.

For the first I have hopes and dreams I cannot hide,

and his innocent thoughts and words I hold with pride.

The second one giggles and smiles a lot.

With happiness pouring, triggered or not.

These are the angles, I love and adore.

God’s special gifts, to watch and care for.

Each one is different in his little way,

but equally missed, at the end of the day.

3 Responses to “Pride and Joy

  • suits them well ,,beautiful words ,,i think they will cherish this :)
    but the missed part makes it sound as if they r separated from you for a long time,,maybe that is how u feel in any little time you spend apart ! ?
    beautiful photos too :)

  • WWWWOOOOWWW!! Smashing..
    The first should be called “el7ob” and the second “al3athab”..
    may Allah protect them..

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