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My Joy

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14th Aug 2010
Book your seat now

Book your seat now

I have seen parts of the rehearsals and am very excited to take my children. There is a 50% discount offer until 22nd Aug 2010 so book now to take...

Ramadan Kareem

Took sometime to find a nice greeting image Ramadan Kareem everyone.

The year I became a mother of 5 – A novella part 1

I was thinking to post my novel to coincide with the 20th remembrance of the invasion of Kuwait but then I thought that my story was not really about the...

04th Aug 2010
Picture 9

A new chapter

I created a new category on my blog entitled a theory of mine, in which I hope to present thoughts or theories that I think were not mentioned before but...

03rd Aug 2010
Moaning about writing

Moaning about writing

It happens so often that we find a lull in our creative storm where things sit quietly and does not progress further. Awaiting for that glorious sparkle of excitement to...

26th Jul 2010
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Dr Naif Al-Mutawa

Around 14 years ago, my cousin gave me a children’s book by Dr Naif Al-Mutawa (the creator of the 99 comic series) The story was simple but the message was...

A nice website

I was trying to explain to my 5 year old son about the phases of the moon. So I came across this nice site and thought of sharing it. It...

In the name of sharing

I am not sure if it is a practicality issue or some childhood association from diary covers that made me always want a pocket watch. So on one of my...

17th Jul 2010
Picture 46

Missing the obvious

I was watching my brother play a game in which he had to call out the colour of the word such as the one above as fast as he can....

15th Jul 2010
Of worthy mention

Of worthy mention

My daily internet surfing routine involves the following; 1) checking my facebook for any comments or updates (in case someone thought of communicating something important there and forget that calling...