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My Joy

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21st Nov 2010
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A special gift for Eid

So I woke up on the morning of Eid trying to recall the many thoughts that were woven with my dreams. The flat was quiet, I briefly remembered my son...

18th Nov 2010
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Ink it

When studying for exams or writing notes I used to be very picky about the presentation and usually resorted to using pencils in order to have the chance to rub...

A new learning opportunity

I am always eager to learn something new. As one friend once described that I have an ability to make subjects appetizing. I have collected several degrees over the years...

Style shake

I came across a website Style shake where you get to customize clothes designs. It was an interesting to see that in London. I liked the idea because I have...

Video conference with the boys

I am very thankful that I live in a time where I can have video calls with my children. So while I am away in London I can still be...

14th Nov 2010
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More boots

As part of my trips to London I get to focus on myself. This includes eating more healthy food, exercising and completing my wardrobe. I don’t get to shop much...

13th Nov 2010
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An unrealistic plan or a trick

I don’t much approve of sleep overs for my son. It is due to several reasons. He has been nagging to sleep over at his aunt’s house but I kept...

12th Nov 2010
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London cycle hire

So I arrive in London and see several bicycle stations. I walk to one to find out more and a phone call later I become a member of this exciting...

11th Nov 2010
British gas advert

British gas advert

I love this series of ads by British gas. The graphics is amazing and colours are brilliant

11th Nov 2010
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Many comebacks hardly a return

So I was wondering what kept me from blogging all this time. “Busy” seems a too simple answer, as I am always busy and post don’t take me too long...