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What is this?

My son spotted the stapler and tried to figure out what it is based on functionality. He tried combing his hair but something did not seem right, then placed it...

11th Apr 2010
Some quality relax time

Some quality relax time

I was very very stressed about a paper I was writing. Certainly having my older son hovering in the background and making demands for attention, did not help at all....

07th Apr 2010
Where would you like to live?

Where would you like to live?

Some might fancy a nice beautiful house, by the beach or on an Island. They mick have the design planned. Well, my ideal dwelling place would be a small hotel....

06th Apr 2010
Early bird or night owl?

Early bird or night owl?

One of the early studying advice I got from one of my teachers was to find out if I was, “an early bird or a night owl.” Essentially, she recognized...

05th Apr 2010
Picture 3

In the middle of the night when you are working your eyes out

You end up making conversation through your choice of file names

02nd Apr 2010
Picture 13

The Disney influence

I was so in love with Disney’s little Mermaid character and my aunt used to say that she reminded her of me. I used to compare my personality with hers...

01st Apr 2010
blogging is just like going to the gym!

blogging is just like going to the gym!

I have missed few posts but it was for a good reason (I have been working on a report) but it really felt like I skipped going to the gym....

31st Mar 2010
The thing to do

The thing to do

What is the thing to do when you feel distracted and can not focus on a report that you need to submit? You would think a more mature me would...

More and enough

My one year old son uses two words (besides mama, baba, and dada) to communicate with us. I must admit I admire his choice in using those words which are...

26th Mar 2010
Picture 9

NBK walkathon

I signed up today. Was contemplating doing so. Hope it will be a good event. Never been to a walkathon before so will see how it goes I wonder what...